A Little Refreshed

From my mini holiday!
Got home with a slight dizziness after a windy road… Shall describe more and post pics when i’m more freed up.



Here are the pics! Some shots were slightly blurred due to camera laziness.






We spent our mini holiday eating, walking about, cuddling in, chatting, lazing, rabbit patting, swan & fish feeding, socialising a little, inspecting new rooms and our new favourite hobby, clay painting! Sounds boring eh? Heck no… Not us! We both realised how relaxing it was to just focus on beautifying your artwork by using basic tools: paintbrushes and colours. It was a soothing creative activity for us, and i discovered my husband’s enormous patience and artsy side of him (His was the clay owl, if you look closely, his owl has different shades of brown tones with details!)!
It did put me (a designer) to shame.. lol.

With December approaching near, the resort was already filled with Christmas-sy decorations…  A bonus for our moods,  uplifting and serene. Families and kids were spilling the themed street during the weekends, enjoying the ongoing activities all day long.

A recommended place to be away from city noises and pollution. And not forgetting my gazing moments at those hilly green vegetation… It was indeed eyeball refreshing!

You can check out the rates HERE


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