6th Working Year!

I realised yesterday night that this month marks my 6th working year in the design industry! It seemed like a year ago… Seriously. I never thought i was capable enough to pull through this industry’s immense details and criticsm/ fussiness of it, and to know i’ve endured for 6 years just startles me. Those in the design industry should understand where i’m at.

I’m always reminded of my miserable salaries during my first few years, well… I can’t afford to be choosy then. it wasn’t just tough, but it taught me so much humility and obedience to still learn and gain as much experience so to go far. I remembered feeling weak, mentally and emotionally. It’s not just about the low salaries, but extreme hard work, frequent OTs, and persistent criticism over your ideas or presentations comes with it too!

To some it’s ONLY 6 years, much more years to explore and learn. I agree on the learning part, it’s never-ending detailings and design exposure to learn. But with many more years to explore? Hmm, not very confident if i can hold on longer than 10-12 years in this field.

So what’s next after year 8-10?  Well, i’ve got a career plan, an exciting ambition to look forward to… A job position that’s above design but within the design sphere.
But, i guess it all boils down to IF i’m able to gain that particular experience in time.

Despite all and career trials to come, i’m still very thankful and blessed!


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