Baby Thoughts

My brain and heart’s been screaming ‘I want babies!’ nowadays. The usual baby thoughts, snuggling with husband over baby names, baby behaviours, baby upbringing, conversations with ‘baby’ in it.. Half the time.

Yes i yearn to be a mummy someday, sooner or later, depending on our situation and current plans.
We plan to start a family in 1-1.5 years time, i hope to conceive our first child before i turn 28, we dream of having 3 kids or even more, DEPENDING on finances and age. To some 28 is still young, to others it’s the best age, a more ‘stable’ age they say… Referring to financial and career stability.

Articles and stories about pros and cons of conceiving after 30 years of age just makes me ponder so much about not prolonging babyhood too long. Being aware of the cons nudged me up. But on the hindsight there are many 30+ mums out there with gorgeous healthy babies, such joyful testimonies.

Do i really need to be stable to start a family? Yes and no.
Will our desired plans fall into place? I so don’t know.

So in the meantime, we can only wait, pray and see how this new direction turns out. Enticing!


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