My First Big Splurge

on a gadget that’s above RM500… Yes! I got around to buy my first Apple product! The ITouch 8GB!
It sure feels great to own one but at the same time nudged with guilt, although the price wasn’t bursting my budget, one bit.

My mind was back and forth with this purchase idea for months now, it was between macbook (3.5k) or ITouch (RM959), and i decided Itouch will be necessary at present. Acts like an organizer and everythings, very handy for keeping track of my time, work, finances and outings.
So what about the macbook?
Well… I plan to buy it whilst working (and more settled) in Dubai.

This techy item will stay with me for a very loong time…


Forgot to mention the cons: Clipping my precious nails short for a more sensitive touch… So Itouch!


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