Ooh… Mum’s Dishes



Simple yet addictive in taste!


Oh… My Heavy Head!

I’m still stuck with some dizzy/ heavy headaches (No i’m not pregnant), all thanks to the overpowering medicines prescribed for my recent flu and fever! I decided to stop taking them 3 days after, to see if it will subside, and it graduuaally did.
Can’t Imagine swallowing 1 full week of flu/ cough meds in my system, for sure i won’t be able to drag myself out of bed sooner…

If my head’s better later, shall do some clothes clearing for an easier packing chore next month. I’m trying to avoid any last minute packing, it can be frustrating when things are not packed, thrown and done in order… In my order, that is.

Thanksgiving Dinner for Futsol-lers

Dinner for futsollers and their spouses are on again! This time it’s thanksgiving (free) dinner for all participants who’s been active as well as played in the recent tournament.
At the last tournament, husband’s team won and was given mini trophies, this round… None, because his team came fourth and i believe they did play their best, despite being… erm second last. To me, it’s about teamwork and exercise, not mattering if they came last. I’m still proud of him for making effort in maintaining his BMI and reduce his belly fat!

Western meals were served, this food outlet emphasised only on western menus, from steaks to pizzas… Not too bad and not too delicious.
It was good fun chatting with new people and seeing the boys joking and yakking about their winning and losing moments made the dinner event oh-so-noisy.

Keep up the exercise honey!

Something Chicken Dinner Meal

I titled ‘something’ because i forgot the proper dish name cooked by my husband. Guess i was too busy waiting to eat…

What’s hidden under the thick sauce? 
It’s chicken fillets, potatoes, carrots and onions all chopped up, stir-fried together and then simmer together with the sauce. It was edibly yum! *smiles*


Certified Docs…Done!

With my flu/cough and fever fading sloowly, we woke up tad early to Putrajaya to get the required documents endorsed/ certified for my new job. Took nearly whole day just to get all 4 sheets of paper certified! Slow service all because of their 1 1/2hr lunch break! If they improvised lunch hour shifts, it’ll save alot of waiting time.
Despite the long lunch waiting scene, I was quite surprised at how much they’ve improved their effeciency! It sure did boost my confidence in them to see their willingness to work smarter so to get things done on the spot.

I’m glad it was trouble-free and that part one of UAE documentation are sorted out!

Next up, is to renew my passport, take 10 pieces of passport photos and a visit to the UAE Embassy for a final round of stamping approvals.

1st Blogging Anniversary!

I’ve been blogging for a year now! Time sure flew swiftly by… One year old today!

I look forward to keep writing/ blogging, to share my ups and downs, thoughts and cares, humours and sarcasms, challenges and failures, anything i feel comfortable jotting, and not forgetting my little goal to turn this blog into a parenting/ motherhood blog in future.

My next blogging project would be to create my own domain and revamp the whole background, re-transfer all posts, image, etc. by year end… If i make time for it, that is.

To readers out there, thank you for dropping by regularly and feel free to scream me a note anytime!

Falling Sick

Is the first thing i dread going through, a heavy head, aching all over, cold shivers, feeling weak… Then follow by coughs and phlegms…. And not forgetting flu germs visiting my body. UGH! Of all time, it has to be on a looong public holiday season! Sigh!

Though it’s considered mild, knowing that coughs and phelgms can drag for loong periods of time, just puts off my cheery mood. So yeah, there will be more porridge meals, more soupy meals and more warm drinks. Not my faves (except for porridge) but… What to do…

I have already planned out some errands and activities to do this holidays, so sick or not, no way i’m cancelling my agenda for the week!

Anywho, if you notice my blog going silent for dew few days, you know why.


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