Sale Season, Again.

Looks like the sale season is on again, Isetan seemed to have another -third time now- this year, and other retails advertising __Percent Off all over their window displays/ stores.

I stress the word ‘again’ because it always tempt me to walk-in everytime, eventhough i have no intention of purchasing. The moment i walk into a sale store, my first reaction would be:
Touch fabrics, stare at the reduced prices, walk further into the store.
I rarely react to sale temptations, BUT when i do, i’m stuck. I’ve always been disciplined to never spend over RM50-80 any one item, may it be bags, clothes, etc, makng sure i spend on clothes once a month or once in 2 months. Label me a rare breed or stingy, but i’m pretty proud of myself for keeping this rule thumbs up for few years now.

Guess i was born simple/ fashionless, and that wearing old clothes (the un-holey ones) has always been my top picks.

Ah well, it’s just means i have to sit for another sale exam, the third time!

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