Husband’s Toddler Years

During my christmas vacations in Sydney, i always spend few hours flipping through Doug’s baby/ toddler photo album. Sitting, chatting together with my in-laws in their living room, giggling over stories of his younger days, his behaviours, his naughty days, his chubby days and such… Never fail to bore me.

Among his many photos, below is my favourite picture of him… A chubby blondie!


Here’s my next to-do family task:
To make copies -other baby photos of him- For our personal family album and DIY family tree scrapbook/ framed poster in our future purchased home (when we’re no longer house hopping), within 1-2 years. I hope. 

I also noticed similarities in our baby pics, we were both fluffy chubby, mushroom nosed babies! His hair ware all standing, alike to mine. People used to tease my ‘electrocuted’ daffy duck hairstyle and label it Rambutan (a local fruit) hair! Nasty!
Of course it all stopped when my ‘Rambutan’ hair grew out into plenty thick mane.

Looking forward to make copies this coming December trip back!