Thanksgiving Dinner for Futsol-lers

Dinner for futsollers and their spouses are on again! This time it’s thanksgiving (free) dinner for all participants who’s been active as well as played in the recent tournament.
At the last tournament, husband’s team won and was given mini trophies, this round… None, because his team came fourth and i believe they did play their best, despite being… erm second last. To me, it’s about teamwork and exercise, not mattering if they came last. I’m still proud of him for making effort in maintaining his BMI and reduce his belly fat!

Western meals were served, this food outlet emphasised only on western menus, from steaks to pizzas… Not too bad and not too delicious.
It was good fun chatting with new people and seeing the boys joking and yakking about their winning and losing moments made the dinner event oh-so-noisy.

Keep up the exercise honey!