Certified Docs…Done!

With my flu/cough and fever fading sloowly, we woke up tad early to Putrajaya to get the required documents endorsed/ certified for my new job. Took nearly whole day just to get all 4 sheets of paper certified! Slow service all because of their 1 1/2hr lunch break! If they improvised lunch hour shifts, it’ll save alot of waiting time.
Despite the long lunch waiting scene, I was quite surprised at how much they’ve improved their effeciency! It sure did boost my confidence in them to see their willingness to work smarter so to get things done on the spot.

I’m glad it was trouble-free and that part one of UAE documentation are sorted out!

Next up, is to renew my passport, take 10 pieces of passport photos and a visit to the UAE Embassy for a final round of stamping approvals.