Falling Sick

Is the first thing i dread going through, a heavy head, aching all over, cold shivers, feeling weak… Then follow by coughs and phlegms…. And not forgetting flu germs visiting my body. UGH! Of all time, it has to be on a looong public holiday season! Sigh!

Though it’s considered mild, knowing that coughs and phelgms can drag for loong periods of time, just puts off my cheery mood. So yeah, there will be more porridge meals, more soupy meals and more warm drinks. Not my faves (except for porridge) but… What to do…

I have already planned out some errands and activities to do this holidays, so sick or not, no way i’m cancelling my agenda for the week!

Anywho, if you notice my blog going silent for dew few days, you know why.