What’s With the Nagging?

Her nagging chokes my veins nearly everyday,
her nagging repeats every few hours,
her nagging -at most times- without proper reasons,
her nagging causes me to lose my tolerance towards her attitude,
her little accusations towards me dries me up!
Only her nagging makes my heart squirm with annoyance!

I’m not referring to my parents, friends or relatives.

Just that someone.
Well, I can’t really blame her can i? I guess the recent economy downfall must have created a moody her, stocks/ shares hitting rock bottom and the fact that she’s in her 50s, the natural nagging attitude in women her age, the need to repeat herself to be heard, an age whereby attracting attention is priority.

One of her, is enough to make my working days dizzy!

Sale Season, Again.

Looks like the sale season is on again, Isetan seemed to have another -third time now- this year, and other retails advertising __Percent Off all over their window displays/ stores.

I stress the word ‘again’ because it always tempt me to walk-in everytime, eventhough i have no intention of purchasing. The moment i walk into a sale store, my first reaction would be:
Touch fabrics, stare at the reduced prices, walk further into the store.
I rarely react to sale temptations, BUT when i do, i’m stuck. I’ve always been disciplined to never spend over RM50-80 any one item, may it be bags, clothes, etc, makng sure i spend on clothes once a month or once in 2 months. Label me a rare breed or stingy, but i’m pretty proud of myself for keeping this rule thumbs up for few years now.

Guess i was born simple/ fashionless, and that wearing old clothes (the un-holey ones) has always been my top picks.

Ah well, it’s just means i have to sit for another sale exam, the third time!

Husband’s Toddler Years

During my christmas vacations in Sydney, i always spend few hours flipping through Doug’s baby/ toddler photo album. Sitting, chatting together with my in-laws in their living room, giggling over stories of his younger days, his behaviours, his naughty days, his chubby days and such… Never fail to bore me.

Among his many photos, below is my favourite picture of him… A chubby blondie!


Here’s my next to-do family task:
To make copies -other baby photos of him- For our personal family album and DIY family tree scrapbook/ framed poster in our future purchased home (when we’re no longer house hopping), within 1-2 years. I hope. 

I also noticed similarities in our baby pics, we were both fluffy chubby, mushroom nosed babies! His hair ware all standing, alike to mine. People used to tease my ‘electrocuted’ daffy duck hairstyle and label it Rambutan (a local fruit) hair! Nasty!
Of course it all stopped when my ‘Rambutan’ hair grew out into plenty thick mane.

Looking forward to make copies this coming December trip back!

Toughing It Out Together

Like most married couples, we go through moody and sunshine days.
Whenever we’re in the midst of a disagreement or a quarrel, we -more of i- will try to conceal and replace negative feelings with draggy round-the-bush discussions. As they say, an unhealthy method of facing your problems/ dilemmas. 
With many series of tough-it-out talks (links back to courtship days) we had, i’ve learnt to listen diligently, shoved aside my save-face attitude, cast away my warrioress must-win mentally, so to fully understand the focus, a solution. It was never easy for me, initially.
I’ve been known (or perceived by others) to be self-dependent, sometimes self-absorbed, a stubborn mindset that sieves out criticsms… Mind you i do take in useful criticsms and advices at times.

I’m very thankful to have a husband like Doug, without his gentleness, humbleness and determination to MUST resolve any tension between us all times, i would have easily sucked in my anger/ frustration towards our differences/ challenges in a click, march into silent war pretending it will all fade away gradually… That’s my denial mode sometimes.

Yes, although trash-it-out talks does lead to tears, anger, defensive mode, tension, one’s true colours… It always turns out sunny and blissful so long we are willing to meet in the middle, willing to knock selfish walls down, willing to share real thoughts and hurts.

Brewing myself to this no-pain-no-gain process is no longer pretentious, no longer difficult. And our secret recipe to this? Large tablespoon of pride-aside spice.

City Jam


Yeah, coming home to this daily is -just by overlooking my window- mind bombing… But am still thankful that i’m not stuck out there doing the brake-accelerate-brake routine sloowly.

Alone Time

Time with me, myself and i – background blaring jazz – jotting down to-dos, calculating finances whilst eating chocolate banana cake, whilst swaying to the tunes, whilst sipping DIY honey lemonade, whilst mouse clicking, whilst licking my sore back of my mouth. Crazy combination? Meh! 

A good time alone makes my toes curl!

Just Passing Through

Oh, trying times.

Oh, trying times.
Here I am.

Oh, trying times.

Oh, trying times.
Yes! I am willing!

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