Am referring to my twin ulcer on the edge of my lower lip-sitting side by side-!! I repeat… TWIN monster ulcer! The last time i had an ulcer like this was 6 months ago, even that wasn’t as bad.

It all started when my colleague and i was lunching and whilst chewing and chatting… A sudden glunk! Froze me still.
Yup you’ve guessed it, i bit my own lip!! And i wasn’t even yakking at that moment!

It’s been 4 days now, and it’s growing and subsiding bit by bit. Forced to eat slooowly, carefully and not able to talk as much (avoid stretching the ulcered flesh) is just boring…

But it made me little happy because by eating less (too painful to open my mouth) i’ve lost 1 1/2-2kg, nice!


Strands of White Hair

As i was ruffling through my hair, i freaked a little at how from few-strands-of-white-hair multiplied within a year!
You see… I started growing white hair (few hairs initially) during my teenage years, yup such an early age and i believe it’s heredity/ genetics… I somewhat concluded this after many reads about it. As i grew older it remained few strands (about 8-10 strands), but now that i’m in my 20s, it became like 15-18 strands! Sigh! All along i’ve been plucking and plucking, though some say plucking increases more… but i just couldn’t care less! 
People tried convincing me to dye or highlight so to hide it, call me old-fashion, but i’m still stubborn against dyeing until i’m fed-up with plucking.

The simple side of me helped, ignoring frequent teases was (and still is) easy, though it was no fun hearing “Aye white hair! (saying out loud and pointing somemore!)” or “You so young have white hair eh?! Tut Tut!” More sigh!
Why can’t they just be just silent/ whispery about it or simply leave my hair alone??

Anywho… White hair or not, I still love my thick precious mane. I enjoy leaving my whites intact, i don’t mind plucking and NO WAY am i dyeing just for this reason… *Smiles*

I Read/ Hear About

What about?

Well, it’s about how stressful and crazy my new job will require of me (employees), late nights daily (half the time), overnight work at times, and some nasty office politics too!
Whenever i hear or read about it, it doesn’t shock me one bit, but rather fortunate that having been through such hectic (brain squeezed) working environment before has somewhat prepared myself mentally as well as emotionally.
I dread office politics… Telling myself again and again to avoid it as much as i can, but so as long i’m working with humans there’ll bound to be ongoing gossips/ blame shifting, etc. Therefore persistent self-control, strength and focus towards such forthcoming challenge must be reminded… At all times!

Although this contract is good, with opportunities to take little trips to nearby countries/ cities and splurge on shopping… I foresee myself working in serious mode (at all times), which means chances of taking time off for shopping/ travelling/ exploring around UAE is not as likely.

Despite the above, i still look forward to this solid challenge and seeing it through the whole 2 years. *smile widely*

The Next Month or so…

I’ll be taking time to space out household items (clothes, books, documents, etc) for our upcoming little adventure.
The last thing we want is to NOT bring everything we own, knowing that the given accomodation is fully furnished… All we need to pack are just the basics – Working/ casual clothes, working bag, working/ casual shoes, camera, etc- Ya know, the necessities.
I plan to free up some time next month to throw out old clothes, old magazines, old worned-out bags, all the worn-outs i can find. Whilst writing this, I’m actually glad we rented instead (of purchasing a home), the financial burden is surely way lighter. Since we weren’t sure which country (M’sia or Aust) we’ll be settling initially, renting was the better option till we’re sure. 
With no housing instalments, no kids (yet), no debts (just my car loan) and no other financial commitments basically helped us to move from country to country easier and lighter, just pack and go lar.

My priority now is to find time to get my Diploma cert endorsed in Putrajaya, translating our marriage certificate, taking passport pics (10 pieces needed – white background) and a visit to the UAE Embassy.

And not forgetting a huge pile of office paperwork to clear! Yikes!


Signed and Ready to Go!

All the months of thinkings and what-ifs has finally concluded with a YES.

I’m excited + nervous + excited + looking forward + Can’t wait + all the emotions lar.

New Country, New Year (2009) to Come!?

The title says it all!

Just collected my offer letter! 
This job is based in Dubai, UAE. I’m scheduled to leave Jan 18th 2009 if all the conditions and contract suits us.
Overall, I’m very very contented and satisfied with the package, of course not as wow compared to the Brits, French, and Americans, but it’s a one-chance dream every Designer/ Architect yearn for!
It’s rare for designers like me at my age- and with 6 years experience- to get a good expat package that pays me 3 times my current salary and best of all provided in terms of housing, medical, annual return flight, food / travel expenses, what more can i dare ask for? I’ll be crazy to even demand more!

To some, it ain’t good enough to go for it, but to me, it’s heaven!
This is one miracle seed i’ve been so much praying for, it is truly HIS blessings that is more than sufficient above our needs and wants! *smiles widely*

Despite this dream package, super hard work, 6 days work week (8am-5pm) and very tight deadlines are expected of my job scope… Though i’ve worked under such pressure before in my previous jobs, i’m still little nervous about how bad this stress can be.. *feeling edgily*

As an somewhat inflexible person by nature, shaky What-Ifs stomps my brains:
Will i adapt to the new culture?
Will i adapt to the new weather (though summer most times)

Will i be able to tough it all out if things aren’t as luxury there?

Then again, it’s a 2 year contract, so even if things aren’t looking as pretty there, time will fly by in 2 years… I hope.

Not forgetting to add that my husband is all supportive *wide smile*

Well… More thinkings to do before i sign the contract by this Fri… Eeek!

What an Exciting Day!

Woohoooo! My offer/ appointment letter is ready for collection! Meaning i’m confirmed hired for this job position! I’m sooo excited!! So much to think and plan ahead, and the many whats, hows and when.

I do know that i’ll be starting this new job next Jan 2009 if all goes well, as in their terms, conditions and job package/ benefits.
So once i pick up my offer letter next Mon, i’ll be discussing ALOT with my parents and husband to whether this offer is worth going for (although we’ve talked about it before)… Goshie! My heart is seriously pumping crazily.. *wide smile*

Mooore thinks to do next week! And will surely update by next week if i’m up for this adventure or not! And reveal the country/ city i’ll be posted in (though i’m sure most who’d followed my recent work posts may somewhat have guessed the location).

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