Time Rolling By

How time flies… It’s a week til October! 9 months just breezed by in a blink of an eye. To some it was a draggy journey, to others it was 9 months of adventure… As for me, challenges after challenges repeating itself.
Initially (late 2007) it was about waiting, waiting… And more waiting for a breakthrough of both job opportunities, financial wisdom and a place we can call home. As both husband and i breezed through with caution and faith, we not only felt aligned but i truly could see my own personality/ character being moulded into God’s unique shape, a mould He made especially for my trial.

It was all clear before and yet i was blinded by selfish motives, selfish wants… But now, i’m all good, light headed, sense of relief and peace with a beam of light preparing our paths.

October, october… Lots to do i must say.
A wedding to attend (so look forward), a family dinner to go, another family birthday dinner for mum & sis, cooking activity by husband, getting my car fixed, planning a ladies gathering (chit chats) session, shopping with mum, and not forgetting loads of paperwork (yeah.. neverending lar).

Can’t wait to get started actually. *wide smile*

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