All They Do is Stare

During my bad hair days… They stare.
During my not-so-pretty days… They stare.
During my pretty days… They stare.
During my greasy hair days… They stare.
During hand-in-hand walks with husband… They stare.
During my walks to KLCC inspections… They stare.
During no make-up days… They stare.
During non-V-neck days… They stare.
During my moody days… They also stare!

All they do is stare! People near work, people at LRT stations, people walking down the street, people eating at mamaks, people with eyeballs… More of visual perverts…


I’m not only very annoyed with the staring but find it plain rude to be stared at (for no apparent reason), especially being oogled and wolf-whistled at!! Visual and verbal harassment i tell you.

Whenever i’m stared at, it makes me feel uncomfortable and the fear of being attacked sexually hits me at that instant.
Although some enjoy the attention (as it boosts their esteem whatsoever), definitely NOT me. The last thing i want is to attract such dirty stares. At most times i felt like (seriously thought of) poking them in the eye or pepper spray their raw eyeballs!

Not just eyeballs, but respecting one’s personal space in public is just as important, i totally dislike being delibrately ‘accidentally’ brushed/rubbed by ANY stranger’s arm or body. 
I have no problems with crowds (most times are accidental) but unexpected (uncalled for) body contact is a huge turn off for me, label me sensitive, but i truly believe in respecting one’s personal space.

It’s been like this for years, and all i can do is ignore and forgive (it’s difficult) their lame behaviours.

Well, beautiful face or not… They just don’t care, and i doubt they will ever learn and feel the same way unless they were born females.

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