Am referring to my twin ulcer on the edge of my lower lip-sitting side by side-!! I repeat… TWIN monster ulcer! The last time i had an ulcer like this was 6 months ago, even that wasn’t as bad.

It all started when my colleague and i was lunching and whilst chewing and chatting… A sudden glunk! Froze me still.
Yup you’ve guessed it, i bit my own lip!! And i wasn’t even yakking at that moment!

It’s been 4 days now, and it’s growing and subsiding bit by bit. Forced to eat slooowly, carefully and not able to talk as much (avoid stretching the ulcered flesh) is just boring…

But it made me little happy because by eating less (too painful to open my mouth) i’ve lost 1 1/2-2kg, nice!

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