Strands of White Hair

As i was ruffling through my hair, i freaked a little at how from few-strands-of-white-hair multiplied within a year!
You see… I started growing white hair (few hairs initially) during my teenage years, yup such an early age and i believe it’s heredity/ genetics… I somewhat concluded this after many reads about it. As i grew older it remained few strands (about 8-10 strands), but now that i’m in my 20s, it became like 15-18 strands! Sigh! All along i’ve been plucking and plucking, though some say plucking increases more… but i just couldn’t care less! 
People tried convincing me to dye or highlight so to hide it, call me old-fashion, but i’m still stubborn against dyeing until i’m fed-up with plucking.

The simple side of me helped, ignoring frequent teases was (and still is) easy, though it was no fun hearing “Aye white hair! (saying out loud and pointing somemore!)” or “You so young have white hair eh?! Tut Tut!” More sigh!
Why can’t they just be just silent/ whispery about it or simply leave my hair alone??

Anywho… White hair or not, I still love my thick precious mane. I enjoy leaving my whites intact, i don’t mind plucking and NO WAY am i dyeing just for this reason… *Smiles*