I Read/ Hear About

What about?

Well, it’s about how stressful and crazy my new job will require of me (employees), late nights daily (half the time), overnight work at times, and some nasty office politics too!
Whenever i hear or read about it, it doesn’t shock me one bit, but rather fortunate that having been through such hectic (brain squeezed) working environment before has somewhat prepared myself mentally as well as emotionally.
I dread office politics… Telling myself again and again to avoid it as much as i can, but so as long i’m working with humans there’ll bound to be ongoing gossips/ blame shifting, etc. Therefore persistent self-control, strength and focus towards such forthcoming challenge must be reminded… At all times!

Although this contract is good, with opportunities to take little trips to nearby countries/ cities and splurge on shopping… I foresee myself working in serious mode (at all times), which means chances of taking time off for shopping/ travelling/ exploring around UAE is not as likely.

Despite the above, i still look forward to this solid challenge and seeing it through the whole 2 years. *smile widely*