The Next Month or so…

I’ll be taking time to space out household items (clothes, books, documents, etc) for our upcoming little adventure.
The last thing we want is to NOT bring everything we own, knowing that the given accomodation is fully furnished… All we need to pack are just the basics – Working/ casual clothes, working bag, working/ casual shoes, camera, etc- Ya know, the necessities.
I plan to free up some time next month to throw out old clothes, old magazines, old worned-out bags, all the worn-outs i can find. Whilst writing this, I’m actually glad we rented instead (of purchasing a home), the financial burden is surely way lighter. Since we weren’t sure which country (M’sia or Aust) we’ll be settling initially, renting was the better option till we’re sure. 
With no housing instalments, no kids (yet), no debts (just my car loan) and no other financial commitments basically helped us to move from country to country easier and lighter, just pack and go lar.

My priority now is to find time to get my Diploma cert endorsed in Putrajaya, translating our marriage certificate, taking passport pics (10 pieces needed – white background) and a visit to the UAE Embassy.

And not forgetting a huge pile of office paperwork to clear! Yikes!