New Country, New Year (2009) to Come!?

The title says it all!

Just collected my offer letter! 
This job is based in Dubai, UAE. I’m scheduled to leave Jan 18th 2009 if all the conditions and contract suits us.
Overall, I’m very very contented and satisfied with the package, of course not as wow compared to the Brits, French, and Americans, but it’s a one-chance dream every Designer/ Architect yearn for!
It’s rare for designers like me at my age- and with 6 years experience- to get a good expat package that pays me 3 times my current salary and best of all provided in terms of housing, medical, annual return flight, food / travel expenses, what more can i dare ask for? I’ll be crazy to even demand more!

To some, it ain’t good enough to go for it, but to me, it’s heaven!
This is one miracle seed i’ve been so much praying for, it is truly HIS blessings that is more than sufficient above our needs and wants! *smiles widely*

Despite this dream package, super hard work, 6 days work week (8am-5pm) and very tight deadlines are expected of my job scope… Though i’ve worked under such pressure before in my previous jobs, i’m still little nervous about how bad this stress can be.. *feeling edgily*

As an somewhat inflexible person by nature, shaky What-Ifs stomps my brains:
Will i adapt to the new culture?
Will i adapt to the new weather (though summer most times)

Will i be able to tough it all out if things aren’t as luxury there?

Then again, it’s a 2 year contract, so even if things aren’t looking as pretty there, time will fly by in 2 years… I hope.

Not forgetting to add that my husband is all supportive *wide smile*

Well… More thinkings to do before i sign the contract by this Fri… Eeek!

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