What an Exciting Day!

Woohoooo! My offer/ appointment letter is ready for collection! Meaning i’m confirmed hired for this job position! I’m sooo excited!! So much to think and plan ahead, and the many whats, hows and when.

I do know that i’ll be starting this new job next Jan 2009 if all goes well, as in their terms, conditions and job package/ benefits.
So once i pick up my offer letter next Mon, i’ll be discussing ALOT with my parents and husband to whether this offer is worth going for (although we’ve talked about it before)… Goshie! My heart is seriously pumping crazily.. *wide smile*

Mooore thinks to do next week! And will surely update by next week if i’m up for this adventure or not! And reveal the country/ city i’ll be posted in (though i’m sure most who’d followed my recent work posts may somewhat have guessed the location).

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