A Fruitful Weekend

Despite a tiring schedule, this weekend was one of the many happiest! I was all smiles seeing my darling husband achieving victory after victory in different walks in his life. I would say this was one of his champion moments one can be superbly contented and happy about.

I’m so proud of him, with feeling of warmness overwhelming me… Oh.. I so pray that such fab moments would repeat itself again.

And to us, having a fantastic weekend doesn’t necessarily link to financial gains or anything to do with money or splurging or shopping! *wide smile*


I was craving for dim sum since Tuesday, and just had my tummy filled for brunch today.. Yum! I was all drooling and gulping different varieties on the menu. Took this time to give husband and myself a dim sum treat at a nearby hotel’s (Corus Hotel KL) chinese restaurant.
I wasn’t very impressed with their limited selection of dim sums, but was still chirpy with their friendly service, affordable prices and ambience and was glad to have the whole restaurant to ourselves (there weren’t many customers).

A quiet- away from crowds- brunch alone with husband on a Saturday over dim sum is just… Satsifying.

Time Rolling By

How time flies… It’s a week til October! 9 months just breezed by in a blink of an eye. To some it was a draggy journey, to others it was 9 months of adventure… As for me, challenges after challenges repeating itself.
Initially (late 2007) it was about waiting, waiting… And more waiting for a breakthrough of both job opportunities, financial wisdom and a place we can call home. As both husband and i breezed through with caution and faith, we not only felt aligned but i truly could see my own personality/ character being moulded into God’s unique shape, a mould He made especially for my trial.

It was all clear before and yet i was blinded by selfish motives, selfish wants… But now, i’m all good, light headed, sense of relief and peace with a beam of light preparing our paths.

October, october… Lots to do i must say.
A wedding to attend (so look forward), a family dinner to go, another family birthday dinner for mum & sis, cooking activity by husband, getting my car fixed, planning a ladies gathering (chit chats) session, shopping with mum, and not forgetting loads of paperwork (yeah.. neverending lar).

Can’t wait to get started actually. *wide smile*

Chicken/ ABC Soup With Macaroni

Why is it named ‘ABC’ soup? Well it’s because everything (onions, tomatoes, carrots, celery, chicken/ pork ribs/ potatoes) are all dumped in together and then leave it to boil for 2-3 hours. Easy as ABC.

Had bad tummy today, so stayed home and decided to cook this for dinner.


All They Do is Stare

During my bad hair days… They stare.
During my not-so-pretty days… They stare.
During my pretty days… They stare.
During my greasy hair days… They stare.
During hand-in-hand walks with husband… They stare.
During my walks to KLCC inspections… They stare.
During no make-up days… They stare.
During non-V-neck days… They stare.
During my moody days… They also stare!

All they do is stare! People near work, people at LRT stations, people walking down the street, people eating at mamaks, people with eyeballs… More of visual perverts…


I’m not only very annoyed with the staring but find it plain rude to be stared at (for no apparent reason), especially being oogled and wolf-whistled at!! Visual and verbal harassment i tell you.

Whenever i’m stared at, it makes me feel uncomfortable and the fear of being attacked sexually hits me at that instant.
Although some enjoy the attention (as it boosts their esteem whatsoever), definitely NOT me. The last thing i want is to attract such dirty stares. At most times i felt like (seriously thought of) poking them in the eye or pepper spray their raw eyeballs!

Not just eyeballs, but respecting one’s personal space in public is just as important, i totally dislike being delibrately ‘accidentally’ brushed/rubbed by ANY stranger’s arm or body. 
I have no problems with crowds (most times are accidental) but unexpected (uncalled for) body contact is a huge turn off for me, label me sensitive, but i truly believe in respecting one’s personal space.

It’s been like this for years, and all i can do is ignore and forgive (it’s difficult) their lame behaviours.

Well, beautiful face or not… They just don’t care, and i doubt they will ever learn and feel the same way unless they were born females.

Macbook or Not?

It doesn’t matter if it’s the oldest version of Macbook.
It doesn’t matter if it’s the cheapest Mac laptop.
It doesn’t matter what’s the gigabyte size.
It doesn’t matter if the only colour available is white.
It doesn’t matter if the price drops by year end.
It doesn’t matter if i’m the last to own a macbook.
It doesn’t matter even if it’s a refurbished unit.

Yeah, been wanting a macbook (laptop) since it was first launched. Still waiting patiently for my want to turn into a need.
And i must say i’m proud of myself for self-controlling this delicious want of mine. *wide smile*

I can foresee it will be a need (for blogging, emailings, research, skype, data entries, etc) during my stay in UAE.

Waiting… Patiently.

Nothing but Being Busy

I’ve been busy with never-ending office paperwork.
Been busy with continuous retail inspections.
Been busy with drawing and drawing more lease plans.
Been busy with more handover workload.
Been busy with church ministries.
Been busy planning my finances.
Been busy with house chores/ wifey roles.
Been busy sorting things out for our move to UAE.

I never like the idea of being overly busy, when i’m zooming non-stop, my focus/ goals are drained, visions strained, directions bruised… I’m sooo feeling like a dry prune now!

When oh when will i get one full weekend free? When oh when can i just plainly laze around and do nothing?


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