Times of Worry

Recently i was acting like a worry-wart for few reasons and no apparent reason at the same time.. Whenever i’m down and blue i will hum and sing one of my fave christian song (below) in my head over and over…

My Jesus… I’m found in you,
you’re my Saviour…
You chose me… Before the world.. And you called my name,
I will go with you… Through the valley… I will soar above every mountain,
I will trust your word, deep within my heart… I will live for you…

I know my future in your hands… All of my hopes and dreams and plans,
You gave me strength to live… And faith to succeed,
I believe in you… Because you believe in me.

Somehow the song above constantly moves my heart to remind me of HIS assurance… so enough to soothe my uncertainties..


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