The Heat is on… Again!

My office’s rusty old air-conditioner broke down again!! This is the 3rd time this year.. Sheesh!

The heat makes my head spin!
The heat leaves me with cheesy smelly armpits!
The heat causes heat rash on my hands and arms!
The heat makes me feel unmotivated!
The heat slows down my energy level to work!
The heat leaves me feeling grilled everyday!

My colleagues and i have been tolerating all the above for the past few weeks now.. Eventhough standing fans were provided, it’s still unbearable! Just imagine working in a carpark basement working environment for 8-9 hours? That’s how crazy it is..
We told the HR and did our grumble grumble talk with her… Even she can’t help much.

Oh well… What to do when my employers don’t see it a need to get it fixed… Knowing that the whole air-con unit has to be replaced, therefore forging out that large sum isn’t on their minds now.

More sauna days to come.. *faint*