I love love stories and weddings, i enjoy sitting back and admire the decorations, bridal dresses, bride’s make-up and the must-have ‘YAM SENGs’ cheers… It all just puts a huge smile on my face.. ūüôā

Last night, we were invited to a church friend’s wedding dinner at a chinese restaurant in the city,¬†¬†it was¬†filled with laughter, chit chats, and many YAM SENG cheers¬†echoing the banquet hall.

We too had a great time chatting away with mutual friends as well as making new ones.
And best of all, enjoyed the 9 course meal! Especially the suckling piglet!
Talking about weddings, i’ll be attending total of 4 weddings (including this) in the¬†next coming months! Need to save tummy space as well as pressie monies..

Anywho, I look forward to attend another wedding this coming Sat!