Ratatouille Tossed with Pasta

Here’s the dinner:  vegetable stew tossed with pasta!


A Long Weekend

It’s a public holiday today (Independence/ Merdeka Day) and knowing that tomorrow (mon) is a public day off, is just so comforting! To me that is…

I love long weekends/ public holidays… A good reason to stay indoors, staring at the idiot box snacking away, doing absoutely NOTHING is just heaven!
Yeah, i so treasure doing-nothing moments nowadays, absorbed with DIY manicure/ pedicure, reflecting my week, planning my monthly finances slooowly, doing the housechores laaaziiily… All the free and easy to-dos, and especially away from office paperwork, is just bliss!!
An excuse to behave slooow and lazy.. Heh!


Or vegetable stew (they call it) was the one pot dish i wanted to try cooking couple of times ago, due to work and busy schedules, i only get to try this on Sat.
There are a few ways to cooking this… And still at beginner’s level, i of course chose the easiest method and was surprised how easy it was to prepare, and it turned out edibly okay too! Though more practice needed to perfect the taste and to not over-soggy it.

I delibrately cooked 3-4 servings to keep for Monday’s lunch and maybe Wed’s dinner. This stew can be eaten on its own, served with meat/ fish or rice or tossed with pasta. Yum!

New Working Hours

My employers has just set new working hours for all of us starting next week, so what are the new hours?
It’s 9am to 5pm! They cut back an hour earlier… Wahoo!

Why? Well, I’m not so sure why this change, but i somewhat have a bad feeling about it, or maybe i’m just overthinking too much… So don’t know.

Anywho… I’m happy with this new hours as i get to avoid the daily 6pm rush hour human traffic! And a good reason to cook and experiment new dinner recipes. *wide smile*

Junk Food Crave

I noticed a change of appetite for past 1 1/2 weeks, me always hardly into junk or super sweet foods, hardly ate ALOT suddenly became a food junkie!

My usual daily food intake -Since teenage days- consists of just breakfast, lunch and dinner. Rarely indulging in-between snacks or tea-time cookies, unless i’m super hungry… But still, rarely.

So here’s my recent daily menu:
What a piggy i’m turning into… Heh!

Actually, am not that bothered… So as long my weighing scale blinks 43-44kg, i’m happy.

Note: And no… I’m not pregnant.

Waiting Edgily

I’m waiting.. Waiting for an answer…
Forcing myself to sit still to wait for a breakthrough… When? I don’t know. What? I know. How? I somewhat know.

Being an edgy and impatient person, waiting for a desperate answer can be frustrating! Till today i’m still learning to wait on HIS timing… HIS faithful timing.

I always yearn for immediate answers, immediate reactions, immediate surprises, immediate news, immediate responses… Yeah that’s me, most times.

More waiting days to come… Sigh.

Times of Worry

Recently i was acting like a worry-wart for few reasons and no apparent reason at the same time.. Whenever i’m down and blue i will hum and sing one of my fave christian song (below) in my head over and over…

My Jesus… I’m found in you,
you’re my Saviour…
You chose me… Before the world.. And you called my name,
I will go with you… Through the valley… I will soar above every mountain,
I will trust your word, deep within my heart… I will live for you…

I know my future in your hands… All of my hopes and dreams and plans,
You gave me strength to live… And faith to succeed,
I believe in you… Because you believe in me.

Somehow the song above constantly moves my heart to remind me of HIS assurance… so enough to soothe my uncertainties..

The Heat is on… Again!

My office’s rusty old air-conditioner broke down again!! This is the 3rd time this year.. Sheesh!

The heat makes my head spin!
The heat leaves me with cheesy smelly armpits!
The heat causes heat rash on my hands and arms!
The heat makes me feel unmotivated!
The heat slows down my energy level to work!
The heat leaves me feeling grilled everyday!

My colleagues and i have been tolerating all the above for the past few weeks now.. Eventhough standing fans were provided, it’s still unbearable! Just imagine working in a carpark basement working environment for 8-9 hours? That’s how crazy it is..
We told the HR and did our grumble grumble talk with her… Even she can’t help much.

Oh well… What to do when my employers don’t see it a need to get it fixed… Knowing that the whole air-con unit has to be replaced, therefore forging out that large sum isn’t on their minds now.

More sauna days to come.. *faint*

Worth Considering

Okay… So the interview went well, the interviewer basically briefed me the perks as well as the negatives beforehand, to prepare me on what to expect so to not disappoint my high hopes. The extreme stressful deadlines, the rushing workloads, the extreme demanding clients was what i expected to hear in this interview.
So basically, i was already quite well prepared to take up this job despite the high stress level.

I still consider this opportunity worth going for experience/ exposure sake, the chance to set my hands on a one-chance foreign project just causes my heart to pound and more pound!

The interviewer will be reverting back to me within 2 weeks to let me know when to commence work, and even then i will seriously need to rethink again before signing the contract.

A Day Closer…

to my dream job! Oh my Oh my Gosh!! Tomorrow’s the interview! I’m soo soo nervous!! My heart’s plopping away…
Will i get this job?
Will it be a disappointment?
Will this be my breakthrough? Oh Lord i so hope!

I shall update tomorrow, stay tuned!

A Happy Day

My heart lept with excitement when my desired one-chance job opportunity (outside M’sia, secret for now) called me for an interview! Woohoo Praise GOD!

If this goes through, i not only get to save heaps of monies but gain wider experience/ exposure in the interior design industry which makes me more marketable for future job employments anywhere! Oooh.. i’m filled with nervousness and looking forward at the same time!

I pray it all goes well and that the employee benefits and contract package is worth going for.

Friday’s my interview, shall update soon!


I love love stories and weddings, i enjoy sitting back and admire the decorations, bridal dresses, bride’s make-up and the must-have ‘YAM SENGs’ cheers… It all just puts a huge smile on my face.. 🙂

Last night, we were invited to a church friend’s wedding dinner at a chinese restaurant in the city,  it was filled with laughter, chit chats, and many YAM SENG cheers echoing the banquet hall.

We too had a great time chatting away with mutual friends as well as making new ones.
And best of all, enjoyed the 9 course meal! Especially the suckling piglet!
Talking about weddings, i’ll be attending total of 4 weddings (including this) in the next coming months! Need to save tummy space as well as pressie monies..

Anywho, I look forward to attend another wedding this coming Sat!

Even Shorter Hair

My recent hidden yearning to trim my bangs and hair slightly shorter nagged me to get it snipped!

So tadaa! My china doll look (ignore my sleepy face).. 

In my 10 years or so, this is my first shortest hairstyle i dared myself to try and.. I am very pleased with the outcome! *wide smile*
The one hassle i kinda dread is to go for regular trimmings once/ twice a month so to maintain this length.

Husband loved it but kept saying i look waaay too young and worried about being labelled a cradle snatcher.. Teehee!

Spaghetti Bolognese


I nearly got my fingers cooked when my pan’s handle gave way! Shikes!
Think i’m just going to fix the loose handle with duck duct tape and save up next month to buy the TEFAL’s Thermo-Spot saute pan which i’ve been eyeing since March.