My 3 Year-Old Pants

Most days and today i put on my fave pants as usual, and just as i was adjusting my pants in the toilet, i noticed a long tear at the underside of my favourite 3 year-old pants! Gosh! And i never even noticed before i left for work… Eek! I grew embarassed staring down my pants..
Thoughts flooded my brains: “Did anyone noticed? Was it obvious when i walked to work this morning? Was my knickers flashing through that tear??”
With no sewing kit in sight, i guess the next best thing is to leave it as it is and avoid taking big walking steps.. Funny i know, but so far my penguin steps did help avoid tearing it further.. Sheesh!
I couldn’t help but figuring out how to walk home without being seen… but with no cardigan, no sewing kit equals no solution! argh! I know.. i know, It’s just a tear in my pants and i’m freaking out! It’s my first time that’s why.. Lol.

Anyway.. it’s figured out.. Thanks to my caring husband, he’s willing to walk home, drive out, pick me up and drive back home again so i could change to head out for dinner. I’m glad we live nearby too, which will make the back and forth easy.

Well i guess this shake-me-up call to start shopping for new pants and stop being stingy towards myself is necessary. Heh!


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