Dottie Me

It was a warm usual Friday morning, whilst showering and getting ready for work, i noticed small red pimple-like slightly raised bumps randomly appearing on my body, hands and inner thighs! I quickly soaped and dry up so to zoom in for a closer look, as i touched those pimply bumps it began to itch and the next thing, it popped and oozed clear liquid… Yikes! What is freaking wrong with my precious skin??

Thoughts were circling in my head:
Could it be mild chicken pox? (eventhough i was vaccinated years ago)
Could it be bed bugs?
Could it be an allergy? To what?

So after staring at those pimply bumps for 15 mins, i thought to myself that it wouldn’t be that serious, and since i’ve never had such break-outs before my body would absorb it and fade away.

Today’s the fourth day… And i’m still dottie!
I took the day off and drove to my doctor, she concluded that it’s an allergic reaction, to what? Well, a virus in the air has caused my skin to break-out in this manner. I never thought air virus would be the cause, I mean i never had such break-outs, so why the sudden?

Anywho… I’m glad it wasn’t chicken pox or anything serious, i was told by my doc to avoid seafoods, sambal and curries (for 3 weeks) and to revisit her weekly in the span of 2 weeks to check on progress.

Guess i’ll be walking out with my dots (till it fades) for the next 1 week or so… sigh.


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