Hair Treat: 2 Days After

When it comes to upkeeping my hair, i can be oh-so-lazzzy (see pic below).. Actually more of not bothered to do so. Oh and i haven’t been using a comb for years… Serious!

So what do i use to neaten my thick lion-lookalike mane?
Fingers! Yeah.. I’m happy to just use my fingers. 

Every hair stylist i go to has been repeatedly trying to convince me to do rebonding (straightening) for easier or fuss-free maintenance, and i do agree it’s easy (by the looks of it), but i stubbornly rather not spend that money because ONE, i know this style won’t suit me or my face shape. TWO, the idea of hair pancak-ing to my face would just annoy me! And THREE, I always like my hair off my face during working hours.

So… A big No No to rebonding.


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