A Time to Refresh

The past few months was filled with decisions, new career thoughts/ plans that still require more research, church activities and ministries and not excluding repeated workload that drains my braincells all over again…

With all that going on, i’ve decided to refresh myself by taking this month of July to savour the simple things by:
. Doing one task at a time.

. Saying “no” more often.
By doing this i avoid bursting my weekend schedules/ life.

 . Consider a blank day in my diary.
To spend some time for spontaniety and short-term plans.

. Take sleep seriously.
A healthy sleeping pattern is a necessity for it allows me to achieve more.

. Count my blessings.
A time to absorb on how blessed i am (by the Lord) in every way, in every challenge/ trial, His continual strength and faith in me during times of failure, and most importantly, enjoy what i have rather than mourning the past or worrying what i don’t have/ possess.



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