Decision Time: A Career Move?

Last year and recently, I kept hearing and reading positive testimonies on booming job opportunities related to the design industry, yes, my industry… Outside M’sia (Secret for now).

How fantastic can it be?
– Designers/ Architects/ Cad Technicians are paid at least RM8k (or USD depending on how skillful/ experienced you are)
– Contract based, minimum 1- 2 years
– Working visa/ legal docs all done up by the employer
– The great experience whereby one may be exposed to renowned Architects (Zaha Hadid, Adrian Smith, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, Frank Gehry, etc) work
– Yearly (at least) 3 months bonus based on performance
– Yearly increments
– Accomodation and food allowances are provided
– Some firms even provide transportation!

All above are goodie perks i tell you! How can a designer like me resist?!! This chance is so so so rare.
And i know for sure it won’t be an easy job, taking this opportunity MAY mean sacrificing social life, ministries, and such…
Well i’m all up for it because, ONE, with this new saving plan, we can easily start a family (after completing my contract) as finances will not be much of an issue (inflation of gynae fees, baby foods, etc) and TWO, with this experience in my resume, i will have no problems getting employed anywhere! Yeah.. That’s how influencial this opportunity can be.

The not-so-great pointers:
– Cost of living is high (that is if accomodation is not provided)
– Stress/ pressure level at work can be extremely high
– Adapting and adjusting to a new working culture
– And other nasty stories

Aside the negatives, i’m still motivated to give it a try… I mean, it’s a one chance exposure/ work experience most Architects/ Designers yearn for!
Husband and i discussed one whole week about it… Concluded that IF i’m hired, he’s willing to tag along and continue his career there or get another IT job. solved.

It’s still talking and thinking stage, and praying about this opportunity at the same time.

Will this be my breakthrough for this year? I’m hopeful and trying not to be so confident at the same time.


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