Petrol Price Hike…. Again..

*Looks out of the window*
Every car crawling edgily, bumper to bumper, all heading towards the same direction- Petrol Kiosk- so to fill up by midnight!

As we drove back earlier, EVERY petrol kiosk was packed with small cars, big cars, trucks, buses (with annoyed passengers waiting inside), it sure looked chaotic!

Hubs and i were somewhat not affected as we walk daily to work, only using our cars after work twice a week and weekends to run errands, etc.
Even if we do drive daily, i don’t think i’ll be bothered. The most one can save is one week’s of petrol… Nah!

When hubs and i noticed the fuel hike pattern few years back, we decided to keep our 2nd hand cars (4 years of age) with no plans to upgrade for the time being… Maybe till fuel prices drops/ stabilize (which is unlikely for now)

With the recent increase on food, groceries, electricity and petrol, i do pray for an increment by year-end..


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