Grime Free

Like many out there, my responsibility as a wife is to make sure the whole house is grime-free. Most of my saturdays is about cleaning non-stop for 3 hours.

I would:
clean every corner of the bathroom,
scrub the bath tub,
clean the kitchen sink,
clean the floor traps,
clean the window edges,
vacuum every dust in sight,
mop the floor,
clean the toilet bowl in and out,
scrub the stove,
sweep under the sofas,
squish and bury every bug.

I developed sensitive skin in my early 20s, that is why i’ve been very particular when it comes to cleanliness, i won’t brag it’s spotless but so as long i don’t get runny noses or scratchy skin, i’m happy.
The one chore i don’t do is laundry as we normally send it out on a weekly basis, an easier and better option since our condo is balcony-less.

I’m beginning to enjoy floor mopping/ cleaning, sweating it out just refreshes my day!


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