An Allergy Reaction

Felt feverish with mild body ache yesterday so i dragged myself to see my family doctor this morning. Thankfully no high fever whatsoever, basically just slight sore throat and mild fever.
Since i’m on medical leave from work today, i drove over to mum’s place right after for lunch, knowing that i’m not well, she made fish (Pak Cheong Yu) porridge which helps soothe the fever and throat. Yum!

All seems fine until i ate my medication, within half an hour i started to feel scratchy and super itchy with weird looking bumps! I was worried and freaked out a little wondering what caused it. I was never allergic to any foods nor medications since young, so i thought maybe it’s a small matter and left it alone… But it just got itchier and bumpier looking, from my hands to my whole body which made me look like a red blobbed lobster!
At that moment i figured it has to be the medication that triggered it, some drug which was never prescribed to me before or maybe new allergies are created as one gets older?
Hmm… Anywho i decided to head home and prayed while giving myself a good scrub over a cool shower.

Was relieved that the redness and itchiness faded within 3 hours.
After researching online, i’m convinced that i’m allergic to one of the meds, as my symptoms and hive rashes are similar to the website’s description and visual.

Looks like i seriously need to go to the doctor soon to get an allergy test, best to know now than to suffer again with lobster red bumpy skin! Eww!


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