The Old-Fashion Way

Hubs and i normally keeps in touch with the in-laws by skpe-ing, but with the recent many internet interruptions, MIL decided to write and snail mail us her warm loving letters.

The moment i opened the envelope, i just couldn’t help but smile with excitement. Well… Can’t blame me for being emotional, as i haven’t received any hand-writtened letters for years!
As i was reading her every word, i imagined her right beside me telling me her everythings, her regular routines, her creative detailed art pieces, her what’s-going-ons, her sprouting garden, all the chit chats we would catch up together. 

She even attached her recent artwork (which i can’t stop admiring) and a latest photo of relatives in England, naming each family member, their relations to each other, and their wellbeing.


Now that MIL re-introduced me to the old-fashion way of corresponding, i shall continue to write and more writings.



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