Driving Around

That’s what we did today, supposedly to be a simple compile-and-submit task that turned out to be oh-so frustratingly messy!

It’s another episode to this burdensome challenge again!

We had high hopes (with some doubts in the back of my mind) that husband’s spousal application submission would be trouble-free as we’ve had all necessary, unecessary and ‘missing’ required documents! So discouragingly wrong!
Eventhough we had the documents ready, we were told to go to 3 other different places to get duty stamped (in a different branch) and endorsement by the Commissioner of Oath. We knew beforehand and we did have the necessary documents endorsed before doing any submission today, mind you, these new requirements were only added to us when we spoke to the person-in-charge.
The usual last minute add-on-surprises info… Ugh!

You see… If these added application forms and other ‘hidden’ submitting documents/ instructions were visibly well writtened or informed on their website or were mentioned during husband’s visit to the immigration branch elsewhere, it would have made our running-around less stressful!

After a tiring 7 hours, we finally managed to get all documents endorsed EXCEPT the duty stamping, because, they decided to close early! That’s why!
We tried our very best to rush before their expected/ assumed closing time (4-6pm), so when they told us they closed at 3.45pm, we were disappointedly speechless!
That is way ridiculously early to end the working day! How can they work effeciently by closing at 3.45pm! If they’re school teachers or part-timers, yes i wouldn’t grumble, but… But 3.45pm!?
I don’t think any paperwork when involving the government authorities/ departments can be completely done in one day, what a waste of my day-off from work. Sigh!!

I wouldn’t say we had a fruitful day, because some of these hassles were somewhat unexpected.
Husband will be going to the stamping office way early tomorrow again, once that’s done, we’ll have to take leave again and finally submit (I hope).

I guess i’ll be updating again, hopefully with more chirpy words.


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