‘Free’ Voucher

I’m a regular reader of a local women’s magazine and usually, i’ll take my time getting the mag, but this month’s different, Why? Because… There was a FREE (In Bold RED letters) Dome coffee coupon attached to it!

Now… I don’t normally get chirpy over FREE vouchers, but this one looked convincingly enough, so before reading it deeper i snapped up the magazine within seconds.

As hubs and i strolled home, hubs repeatedly tried to drill me with his there-is-no-such-thing-as-FREE-without-a-catch conversation over this bright red coupon. Couldn’t really blame him for being overly cautious, as he was a victim once for being so gullible to an impressive marketing door-to-door agent. 
Being an intelligent and cautious person himself, i seriously didn’t expect him to fall for it, but he did, all because he was hoping to win something out of this… Stupid you might say, but i’m sure there are many smart and cautious people out there who fall for such scams at least once!
Only people with fat egos wouldn’t admit this embarassment.

[Back to the topic]
When we reached home, i ripped the plastic and picked up the coupon for a close-up read.
Aha! Sure enough, there was a small fine italic print written ‘Terms & Conditions apply’, which i was quite right about… Here’s the catch:

– Free coffee/ tea upon PURCHASING a slice of cake.
– Free coffee/ tea only to SELECTED
cake range. 
   (Which i’m sure they’ll mark up the price) 
– Free coffee/ tea for DINE-IN only.
– Free coffee/ tea upon purchasing REGULAR-SIZED beverage from SELECTED categories.

A total of 4 marketing ‘ideas’ to lure customers, such smarties! And i’m sure there are many more clever ideas being dished up.

I wasn’t that blur or naive to not know, but i was silently hoping (mixed with doubts) the voucher was a real FREE treat.

To conclude, yeah… There’s no such thing as FREE free nowadays, best to read deeper so to not being fooled by it.

So what shall i do with this coupon? 
Bin it lar, you say…

Nope! I shall just pretend to be the naive innocent customer and enjoy this ‘Free‘ coupon over a good book. 🙂


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