Bush Walks

Flipped through some photos yesterday, and smiled while staring them:
– Because my attire was not that suitable for this activity, my top half was in the wash.
– Miss the refreshing air and breathtaking views.

Here’s a few bush photo of us taken in December 2006.

Was proud of myself and still am for walking 10km which took 4hrs, from Sutherland Heathcote to Waterfall Bushwalk. My In-laws are bush walk fans, so therefore accompanied them for a nice and warm chatty walk.

My recent trip to Canberra (Jan 2008) involved bush walking too, together with Doug’s uncle and wife. It’s only an half hour-1hr walk located nearby their residential compound, overlooking canberra’s main town at the top.
On a good typical day, youll even spot some kangaroos playing alongside.

Being away from city life once a while does feel oh-so-refreshing, enjoying nature, admiring bloomed flowers, the sound of chirpy birds, brings a soothing calmness and relaxation to the mind.

I so like bush walks in Australia, despite the scorching heat during summer, my hair and skin still feels good and non-greasy! 🙂

Love to do that again soon.


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