Family Bonding Time

Husband was away with the men’s group to an outreach/ retreat to the Orang Asli (Aborigines) village for the weekend, so i thought this would be a good time to stay overnight and spend some bonding time with my family.
I now treat my parent’s home as my little ‘holiday Villa’ resort. 😉

Being married and not living at home feels different, comfort conveniences are no longer as easy, all those delicious home-cooked meals are no longer at table’s reach, and not forgetting our mother-daughter talk talks.
Mum and i will mostly chat about her childhood upbringing, her life struggles being raised by cold conservative parents, her achievements despite lack of higher education, my baby years, and everythings we can think of.
When she had us, she reminded herself not to put us kids go through how she did… and she has kept her word till now.

Now that i’m a wife, i can somewhat understand how mum feels about dad on certain issues/ concerns years ago, how she coped with the Lord’s strength when dad went through financial crisis, and his new ambitious career switch. 
Moments when she was so patient and supportive at the same time, despite how heavy it can weigh on her…
So When dad’s successful achievements and his career-switch took off within 5 years, i teared with joy to see them, mum especially, enjoy the many rewards and returns they can benefit from it till today.

Though i live just 30 mins (including bad traffic) away from my family, i will want to create refreshing best times with them. 🙂


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