A Disturbing Experience

A nasty disturbing experience got me all boiled up and furious!!

I normally use the pedestrian linked bridge that leads home, while walking at about 4.30pm some young malay boys started to verbally tease me, in a sexual manner!! One tried to get near and whistled while oogling at my breasts!! What the fish! 
If you thought my dress sense attracted these hooligans?? NOT! It was just a casual U-necked green top with jeans!!
My immediate reaction was, “SHUT UP!!!” I Screamed!
If i had time i would pepper spray them!

Living in the city is no longer as safe! Being ‘attacked’ unexpectedly does intimidate a woman’s esteem as well as put fear into one’s mind.

These boys deserves a darn good discipline about their behaviour, goofing around disturbing innocent passersby is not funny!
At that moment, I was alarmed with fear that they all may physically harm me!

Yes, we all do get cheeky whistles now and then, most were minor enough to ignore and move on, but today’s incident made me stunned with fear for awhile. 

Unless i’m walking home with my husband, i have no intention in using that bridge alone again!
And If i can sue against them, i’ll sue on behalf for those innocent women who’d gone through similar experience!!



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