Managed to spend some time during the weekend charting up overdued finances.

Feels good to see my finances growing well overtime, despite the many challenges and struggles going through my whole working life,  and to be contented is something i have learnt during the past few years.
It feels even better to know i haven’t been in debt for 3 years now! Super duper proud of myself!
Eversince cancelling my credit card, the feeling of being debtfree is just great!

Honestly, without the Lord’s wisdom over my spending habits, i wouldn’t be seating here smiling. 🙂

My plan for the next 1 year or so is to save up for kids and such, knowing that things are no longer so affordable just tenses me up nowadays. To know that delivering a baby in a private hospital here ranges from 3k (Natural birth) to 10k! (C-Section/ complicated surgeries) excluding gynae consultation fees and meds, is just crikey!
Eventhough we have more than enough to start a family, it’s still wise to save up tad more for unpredicted last minute surgeries (Which i prayerfully not want!)

Seeing that most mums to-be wants the best for their newborns, i don’t think i will be any different from them when the time comes.

Yeah i know, as a newly wed i can be such a worry-wart at times!



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