Date Nights

I’ve always treasured our date nights during our courtship days, eventhough it sometimes involved disagreements, and even heated conversations due to our stubborness!
Now that we’re married, we still date, though we see each other every night, date nights (once/ twice a week) for us is solution time, we not only curl up like lovebirds, but we use this time to talk about anything and everything we have issues or concerns.

A time where we can express/ pour out our disappointments, happy/ sad thoughts and future goals/plans over a nice dinner does help encourage a closer bond between us. 
A time where we can humbly talk deep deep issues, from finances to family planning to retirement plans.
By doing this habitually, we both learnt that it does help resolve many hidden assumptions, we even discovered how different we are in some matters! Surely a healthy mind opener. It’s like solving a math equation at times, and can be mind stimulating too!

We hope to carry on this healthy habit even when we have kids in future, despite we know it’ll be quite difficult. 🙂


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