Noise Pollution


That’s exactly the noises you hear when residing smack middle in the city. Left right of our condominium is filled with new developments, racing bikers during wee morning hours, ambulances rushing, police sirens blasting away, impatient honking drivers.. Ugh!

Though it is expected, i still can’t tolerate the very frequent noises. And staying on the 21st floor doesn’t make much of a difference.

The many reasons we chose the city was because both husband and i worked nearby, despite the horrible noise, living near work:
– Takes about 15 mins by foot,
– 10 mins by city rail (One stop away),
– convenience in both food and groceries,
– 15 mins drive to my parents,
– 15 mins to church,
– not getting stuck in bad KL traffic during and after working hours,
– on date nights, we just stroll hand-in-hand to nearby malls for movies, dinners and shopping!
– we hardly use our cars, which is great! A good way to save fuel money.

Ooh and we get the close-up view of the Twin Towers, amazing zoomed in view of the fireworks too!

Anyways It’s just a small matter and i will not allow this to aggitate me… No!



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