Weight Lost

Weighed myself yesterday, 44kg, again.
For my height, it’s considered below standard average BMI charts, basically means i’m underweight.

I never intend or plan to lose weight all my years… So with that number staring at me, i just can’t help wondering why.
I mean, i do eat every meal, i love food, adore meats, never a vegetarian, hardly go on diets whatsoever… So where the fish did all my food go???
Must be some kinda leakeage in my intestines or something… Or maybe, maybe worms? Yikes!
Or maybe i’ve got a high metabolism rate, they say.

In my last 7 years, my weight has always been 44.5-45kg, never once gone up! I’m serious.
I’ve been reading articles and books that talks about maintaining a healthy Body Mass Index before conceiving, which is important too. Now you see why i’m quite worried.. or maybe am just thinking too much.

Hmm.. Come to think of it, my eat-poop-skinny daily routine must have caused my weight to be stagnant. I do poop very easily and often, always half an hour after every meal, naturally.

Time to get a health check with the doctor.

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