The Spread of Bad Germs

Yes, the nasty flu bacteria has invaded my husband’s nose which causes him to develop a bad headache! Arghh!
First it was me, and now it’s his turn to be unwell!

Well am not surprised if he catches on my bad germs, i mean he’s 24/7 around me, so obviously he’s next in line to get sick!

Last night, i cooked up some congee (Porridge) with an egg dish, something swallowable, easy to chew and dissolves quickly and somewhat healthy for the fever and flu.

Tonight, am cooking congee again with 2 dishes, stir-fry green beans and Sardine in tomato sauce.
Not an expert in foods for the sick yet, but was smiling widely when husband cooperatively ate it all up… Clean! 🙂

SuperWife signing off now.


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  1. MeL*
    Mar 17, 2008 @ 04:17:26

    Hey Elaine! I didn’t know you blog 🙂 Will be a regular here hehehe I’m glad you’re better because I am too! I think it’s a viral thingy. hmmm…take good care! See you around, girl!


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