Shut Down

Yup, my body system has decided to shut down for 3 days.
Fever, cough, phlegmy substance, block nose, sniffles, body aches and a headache! You name it, i’ve got it! 
It also causes me to behave blur, talking blur, walking blur… Hmmph!

Initially i thought maybe i could be pregnant, ya know experiencing the so-called morning sickness symptoms. But i’m relieved that i wasn’t, we love kids but we’re just not ready to start a family yet, i mean we’ve only been married for 2 1/2 months! Still have lots to learn about each other. 
“Enjoy your honeymoon year!” They say.  🙂

Back to my sickly topic.
The medication prescribed by the doc didn’t helped much, therefore, later i will be seeing another doctor for a second opinion.
Hate.. Being.. Sick!

Despite my low energy level, managed to dish up simple pasta dinner yesterday, a good time to practice my cooking skills since i was home-resting.

I’ve been watching cartoons to pass time too.. And became a  fan of SpongeBobSquarePants! Ha!
What tickled me the most was that his pet snail Gary “meeeooows!!!” Lol
(Pet snail= Pet cat).    


Seeing another doc now.


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