Ooooh!. Bags!. Oooo. Stare.. Stare.. Oogle some more.. Think.. Look at price tag.. Calculator in my head.. Think.. Slowly walk away.. Look back.. Walk away… fast!!

I was never into bags, i can be oh-so-loyal to a few bags for ages!
The idea of spending lotsa moonies on it is such a waste, especially branded labels. (No offense to those who loves them)

That was ‘WAS’.. years ago. But… recent months, to resist nice looking bags seems so difficult! Not just the branded ones, even ordinary funky looking bags excites me.
To this day, spending moonies on ordinary bags is still last on my shopping list unless.. my bags wears out.

Anyways, while googling, discovered this bag blog…  From simple-to-weird-to-funky designs! Goodness! *Drools*


Will it be my new obsession? Maybe.

So.. Even if you can’t afford most bags like moi, just oooogle!


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