Should I Study Again?

This thought came to me recently, the idea is to expand my knowledge in other industries, such as Education/ Language and maybe eventually land me a flexible, non-hectic but fruitful job.

In the last 5 years, to study again was never my thing… my ‘super-ambitious-must-make-good-money-and-be-super-successful’ mindset blocked any thoughts of advance studying.

And why this sudden thought/ decision?
In the design industry, a designer with above 5 years working experience can’t really go any higher other than building their own firm, which i never intended to. Too much hassle, too much competition and the worst, not being paid on time by local clients (Surveyed around: Malaysian clients are never good paymasters.) And morever having my own business was never my goal, and i don’t think i will even consider. But i don’t mind freelancing though.

Being at my current level at work, am quite stuck, the design industry here is so small that you’ll end up working for another competitor’s company and basically gain similar experience/ exposures = Boredom.
One other way to gain greater experience and salary is to work overseas. It was tempting few years back, and now that i’m married, with new adjustments and commitments, my mindset has changed, well it has changed for the last 1 year or so. I seem to be at a phase where big-fat-salaries and overseas experience are no longer on my top list… yes it can be good, but it may also mean sacrificing family time/ ministries, etc.
Being moulded to be contented with the little or much that i have, is such a healthy blessing!

Actually, i don’t mind quitting my job and do full time studying too… but it means no monthly income. Yikes!! Something not everyone can get used to.

Shall ponder.. ponder some more…


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