Sour Sour Snacks?

My mum looking at me with that i’m-not-ready-to-be-a-grandmother stare.

It started out like this:

Mum: “What you had for lunch?”
Me: “Not so hungry so just bought dried mangoes..” (somehow it links to cravings most preggy women go for)
Mum: “Huh? You mean the sour sour mangoes?”
Me: *Fumbling into my bag to show her*
Me: “Nope!  it’s the preserved dried sweet mangoes, not the sour sour ones. Never liked that.”
Mum: “You’ve been eating this recently or what?”
Me: “Just today…” *stares back at her* “I’m NOT pregnant lar… ” lol

Mums can be oh-so-anxious, knowing my mum isn’t ready to be a grandma (she claims she’s still too young to be a grandmother) my funny mummy.

We’re married just 2 months old and still honeymooning… I so want babies but i think it’s still too early to start a family.. 😉


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