I’m a MRS!! :)

Yes! I’m officially a MRS! A beaming Mrs Maclaine-Cross… Wow… Feels exciting but little awkward, am sure it’ll take awhile for me to absorb this new status… oooh.. No longer labelled ‘single!’.. ooo

Am super duper happy that the ceremony, and all events went stunningly smooth… I didn’t trip on my dress, or spill food or fake lashes falling out… lol.. I was quite worried actually… And especially knowing that my in-laws and Australian relatives had a fantastic time! They’re still talking about it among themselves 😉

I was previously wondering if i should my new married last name in my workplace… But after some thought, guess not, as everyone knows me by Elaine Gan.
Here are some name change options i previously thought of:

Elaine (Gan) Maclaine-Cross
Elaine Gan-Maclaine-Cross

You see.. I want to remain my maiden (sur)name and by keeping it, it makes my name long, with or without hyphens.

For now, I’ll just use my new lengthy name when filling in application forms and other paperwork. No need to stress lar.

Honeymoon here i come!! 😀


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