The Guest List

As the wedding planning comes to a close, nasty irritating matters just has to surface up at a considerably last minute..! Grrrr!

You’ve guessed it.. its the guest list, and it has been annoying me since last month! All i want is to make sure invited guests have seats and compile RSVPs and move on.. if it weren’t for the need to add extra guests, it would have been all finalized and done by now!

Having to please people, especially my parents and The Wedding Coordinator  can be frustrating, mentally and emotionally.. 😦

I so not want to ever see the guest list again!
Yeah … sounds dramatic, but honestly, that’s the stress i’m experiencing now!

Working on the guest list creates a monster in you, especially the need to approach guests politely and gently about the ‘no kids’ rule.
To some, it is sensitive, and i would not want to offend others or lose friends because of this.
The ‘no kids’ rule came about the moment we opt for the 23 tables (max) junior ballroom, we wanted the guest list to be filled with people we’ve known for the last couple of years as well as immediate families/ relatives. And of course the decision was made bacause we dont intend to overspend on a larger ballroom, if we do, it means we’ll be in debt!

Our golden rule : No debts

When it comes to planning, it is so easy to be tempted to add more seats, better deco, fancier flowers,etc.

For our wedding, we’re talking about sticking within budget here! And try our very best to. Therefore if i have to be a ‘cookie monster’ and say ‘No’ to some, we have our reasons.

Yes.. it is a small matter (to some) but not for me though.

To those invited guests reading this, i apologise for any inconveniences caused. Your understanding to this is truly appreciated.


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